Trip Gear List


The following list is merely a suggestion, feel free to add or remove as you see fit.


-Camping Gear

-         tent

-         sleeping bag, pillow, cot

-         cooler

-         stove

-         eating utensils

-         cooking utensils

o       pots and pans

o       hot pot tongs

o       spatula, spoon, ladle

-         tarp & extra ropes for rigging

-         screen house

-         folding chair (great for sitting around campfire)

-         firewood

-         matches

-         lantern, if electric spare batteries, if gas extra fuel and mantles

-         grill, charcoal, lighter fluid

-         cleanup kit

o       trash bags

o       plastic wash basin

o       soap, scouring pads

o       paper towels


-Personal Gear (Weather can be changeable. extra fleece is a good thing.) Please remember that layering is the key to keeping yourself warm in changing conditions. A windproof, breathable outer layer over material that wicks away moisture from your body (fleece) will keep you warm and dry.

-         hat, baseball cap, sun protective hat

-         sunglasses

-         sunscreen

-         water bottles, canteen

-         jacket, fleece pullover, sweatshirt

-         shirts. T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, fleece shirts

-         shorts, long pants

-         underwear

-         socks

-         shoes, boots, water shoes

-         raingear, rain hat, umbrella

-         toilet kit, shaving needs, soap, comb, toothpaste and toothbrush

-         towels, bath, beach

-         medications

-         camera, extra film and or memory cards

-         flashlight

-         spare batteries for flashlight, camera, gps

-         bug spray

-         trail food

-         first aid kit

-         map and compass

-         swim suit

-         pocket knife

-         road map

-         informational books of activities in the area


Biking Gear

-         bicycle

-         helmet

-         pump

-         lock

-         shorts

-         shoes

-         gloves


Hiking Gear

-         boots

-         socks

-         shorts

-         gps and maps, compass

-         pack, day bag, fanny pack

-         water bottles

-         food


Paddling Gear

-         boat

-         paddle and spare paddle

-         pfd

-         paddle float

-         dry bag

-         wet suit / dry suit

-         spray skirt

-         deck bag

-         water bottles

-         food

-         gps, maps and compass