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Canoe & Kayak  magazine is launching a new program to help unite and grow paddling clubs everywhere. As an added benefit to membership in your club, your paddlers are now eligible for a full year subscription at only $7.50! That’s 64% off on 6 tasty issues of the world’s best paddling publication delivered to your door.  And it’s only for your members.

Why do we do this? Canoe & Kayak wants to strengthen paddling communities and promote safety through offering members this incentive.  Paddling club members are leaders in their paddling communities. We want to engage these core paddlers with our publication, and support cored paddling clubs at the same time. 

How do your members take advantage?  You will need to give them this URL and have them enter as it is listed below (please note there is no www. )

            Print subscription:

            Online subscription: 

The discount code they need to submit is PADDLE. By adding value to membership in your club, we strengthen the sport itself. You represent the best in events, safety, education and community. Thanks for everything you contribute to paddling!



Michael Gordon


Sales, Marketing and Events