Photo Gallery                                                                                          

Blackstone Gorge with
 the BVPC- Cheryl

Wickford Harbor  - Earl MacRae

SUP Night - Cheryl

SUP night - Erik



J. Cronan to Bradford, photos- Erik




Upper Pawcatuck River - Photos by Cheryl



The BVPC from Chocolateville to Valley Falls 7/3/18 -  Photo by Erik

Peter on the Lower Deerfield   6/29/18- Erik

RICKA tandem canoe paddle training at the Blackstone River Watershed Council's Environmental Center the BlackstoneRiver in Lincoln. Tthank you Henry Dziadosz. and Erik Eckilson for a wonderful presentation.


Snake River Drone Video by Aaron Corriea

Wood River- Erik E.

Big River- Danny O'Shea

West River- by Earl MacRae

Paula and Nichol on the Upper Pawtuxet River paddle on 5/7/18- photo by Cheryl

Ron on the West River at Harrington's Pool Paddle on 5/5/18- photo by Cheyrl