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For more info contact Chuck Horbert at chorbert13@gmail.com   401-934-9212


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Wilderness Paddling message board   


The Wilderness message board is a public service to the paddling community. It strives to have an open policy on postings.

 Any board poster may initiate these paddles. Please be aware that RICKA club members may not know the paddler or know of his abilities. He may be wonderfully qualified, or he may be proposing something that is at the limit of his abilities.


Paddlers should avoid rivers at flood stage and be aware of the dangers of fallen trees.  Familiarize yourself with river levels and descriptions. Assess your own skill level and the people that you will be paddling with. You can always go home for the day or walk around a difficult rapid. Educate yourself about safety and carry appropriate gear, clothes, water, food etc. Ask the trip coordinator questions before embarking.



Glossary of Terms


Items available in RICKA Library  

* The Complete Wilderness Paddler 1983

* Maine River Guide, 2nd Edition 1991

* Canoe Camping Vermont and New Hampshire Rivers, 2nd Edition 1992

* Northern Forest Canoe Trail - Guide book ($24.95) and Maps ($120.00)

* Allagash Wilderness Maps ($29.00)

* Adirondacks Guide and Maps

* Basic Essentials Map and Compass

* Basic Essentials Using GPS



When dressing for paddling... avoid cotton.  Polyesters like cool max are recommended. 


Wetsuits, drysuits or spare clothes bagged mandatory October thru May


PFDs - mandatory. Note: Inflatable PFDs (life vests) are not acceptable for paddling on RICKA Wilderness trips. trips.


Kayak sprayskirts for Class 1 and higher rivers - mandatory


Bailing scoops for canoes (highly recommended)

Rescue throw bags or lengths of rope (highly recommended)


Towline bags (highly recommended)

Lunch, drybags, drinking water and sunscreen


Whitewater Classifications


 A Cold Weather Caution